BANG ON-San Francisco Britpop Cover Band BANG ON

On any given Saturday night, this town has a bunch of indie discos playing Britpop, The Smiths, 90s Alternative, 80s Indie, etc. etc... The best of these clubs are amazing fun but the DJs are getting all the glory! Why don't any bands cover that sh*t live, and do the songs justice?!?

This essential question (which arose from several bar stool conversations) was the genesis of Bang On, the San Francisco Bay Area's Britpop, Indie and Classics tribute band.

We all had previous experience in bands and projects: writing songs, developing skills, playing endless weeknights and all the rest that goes along with being a musician trying to "make it". Wouldn't it be a blast to just play the cream of everyone's favorites from the Britpop era of the 90s, the mass of music that influenced that special time, and maybe some of the newer stuff that came out of it?

With these questions in mind, we built a set list of all amazing songs that you don't typically hear from a cover band on a Saturday night. There are plenty of radio hits in there, and also some songs that are familiar, but that you haven't heard in a while. Ultimately, they're all great songs from great artists, and we combine our years of musical experience into making them jump and pop live.

There are plenty of bands covering the 80s and 90s, cheesy and otherwise. In Bang On, we bring something different to the table. We are a tribute band, but we don't pay tribute to any single artist or group. We pay tribute to an era -- or maybe it's an idea -- where melody and attitude come together, and we do it like nobody else.

List Of Bands We Cover